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Planning a home interior design is something very vital and becomes unity associated with the exterior design. The interior design of well-planned will directly affect the positive psychological factors on the occupants of the house in addition will provide more value to the investment house. We provide interior design services that will professionally present your home space in accordance with the concept, either overall or classic minimalist interior. Our interior design services include complete design of the layout and material selection of furniture, cabinetry, wall paper, paint walls, lighting, carpeting, partitions, ceiling, setting the decorative elements of space, etc.. Our team of interior designers will provide professional services to all rauang dream your dream for both houses, villas, hotels, etc..

The cost of Interior Design we offer are as follows.

1. Saver Package
Saver Package costs are calculated based on the total area of the room that is a range of USD 4 / M ² to USD. 7 / M2 (the more spacious room, the cheaper the cost of design)
2. Complete Package
Complete Package Costs are calculated based on the total area of the room that is approximately USD. 10 / M ² to USD. 13 / M2 (the more spacious room, the cheaper the cost of design)
(Please count the cost of your interior design based on the package you want in the table below)
Cost Calculation Area per m2 for
Design Interior
Input Area / m2 :
Package Name Total Cost 
Saver Package USD.
Complete Package USD.

To design an area of less than 100 M2 is computed similar to design 100 M2
To design an area of more than 1000 M2 please contact us for more information

The details for each package contained in the table below :

No Type of Work Saver Package Complete Package
1 Lay Out Plan
2 Room Elevation and section
3 Ceiling Plan 7 Lighting point -
4 Floor Pattern Plan -
5 Detail Furniture Drawings -

To design a format that is obtained in hard copy paper is composed of A3 and A4 as an attachment to adjust the selection of the selected design package.

Design consultation tailored to the needs of consultations, while a maximum of 3 X Design REVISION. And whenever there is a change in the revision of which reached 30% of the initial draft design has been approved at the beginning of design work will be charged an additional fee in accordance with the changes that occur.


After choosing one job over the selection of packages and agree to use one design services or work packages above, so we shall give a sign so / seriousness of the job.

For a building area < 100 m2 minimum. USD 125
For between 100-300 m2 building area of at least. USD 250
For a building area> 300 m2 minimum. USD 375
As a sign of a design or package booking jobs, and can start work early design consultation.

Paid after agreeing to the plan or the filing of interior models have been proposed fee is 50% of the calculation of the space.

Paid after the drawing is completed 100% and received 50% of the total cost of design in reducing the cost of initial design has been accepted at the time of the election order in the initial design consultation.

Interior Services

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